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Remember When?: Me 10 years ago

Jan. 29th, 2019 | 05:15 pm
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So, just now, I got an E-mail from LiveJournal claiming that they were taking part in some "#10yearschallenge" hashtag (in anticipation of their own 20th anniversary? D:), and as part of the festivities, they decided to dredge this entry up from the grave!

That entry is so fucking hilarious from a current standpoint! ^^

It mentions "butthurt Republicans plotting their revenge" for losing the 2008 Presidential election. Oh, how I WISH Donald Trump was the result of said revenge plot instead of, you know, adult toddler shitstain liberals practically handing the Republicans the election on a silver platter! Maybe Hillary should've had us Super Mario Running to the polls instead! xD

It also says "And if Barack Obama fucks up and becomes the next George W. Bush, or if he ends up being worse, you're going to be very depressed, given all this hype!" Well, guess what Obama did. Else, I wouldn't even be writing this!

The entry finally concluded with this gem:
That being said, I do wish nothing but the best for Obama, and I hope he can at least restore us to what we were when Bill Clinton left back in 2001. That would make me happy. ^^

That's what Donald Trump has been doing so far! Actually, Trump might be doing better, since he's helping to defuse the ticking time bomb of North Korea! As a guy who fed his young mind on several books by Al Franken and who wouldn't touch "Fucks News" with a 25-foot pole, I find it incredibly bizarre that I now have to turn to conservative Republicans to find people who actually understand my wants and needs! D:

So be careful... ¬_¬

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Well, THIS just happened...

Jan. 25th, 2019 | 09:32 am
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As far as I'm concerned, the sole two reasons Luisa Cutting (ironic last name, huh? xD) stabbed someone are:
  • she's Hispanic, a group infamous for angering easily and being ridiculously loud and obnoxious in general. Although, to my eyes, she initially looked like she was Italian...doesn't matter; THEY'RE stereotyped the same way, too!
  • because of Today's Political Climate™, she thought she could get away with it, because she is a saintly, holy, exalted woman and minority who can do absolutely no wrong whatsoever, and if you think otherwise, you're a racist, sexist, misogynist pig, amen!

The fact that she was president of a "Latino Student Alliance" only bolsters this theory. While such alliances may have had a legitimate purpose in the past, I feel that the sole purpose of groups like these today is to brainwash people into SJW propaganda. Such propaganda involves doing what I like to call "reverting back to your identity" and engaging in behaviors that tend to perpetrate negative ethnic stereotypes. This is why Kanye West has been called an "Uncle Tom" in recent times (by people who I don't think have even READ Uncle Tom's Cabin!) and why plus-size models who lose weight face a shit-ton of bullying and threats from the people who they thought were their fans...fat "acceptance"/body "positivity", my ass! -_-;

Further bolstering of my theory can be found by WSLS's emphasis that the killing sent "shockwaves" throughout Radford and that another Radford University student, Paul Toomui, claimed "She was normal. She was social. She would always talk and be willing to talk to people.", all evidence that Cutting has been radicalized on college propaganda.

Finally, Cutting is from Jeffersonton, which is only a short drive away from Culpeper, which, back in my school days, we called "that place with the prison"...I HOPE this doesn't imply that she's had a bigger criminal history than what's known, but...

If Luisa starts rejecting her last name and insisting on a more Spanish one (such as "La Corta" or "Cortante", which Google Translate tells me are various Spanish words for "cutting"...), you'll know I'm right! D:

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Remember When?: Pan-Am

Jan. 23rd, 2019 | 11:00 am
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Since I decided last entry to take a massive shit on the aviation industry, might as well talk about its biggest failure, huh?

The biggest tragedy of Pan-Am is that, unlike most of the other dead businesses I've chronicled in this series, its failure doesn't appear to be any fault of its own. Oh, don't get me wrong; the company's upper management DID make quite a few missteps along the way, but the number one thing that seems to have brought Pan-Am down is sheer bad luck!

The first thing that brought Pan-Am down was the oil crisis of the 1970's. The trend for Pan-Am at that time was bigger and bigger planes...but the oil crisis meant the airlines had to go SMALL or go home! Having purchased an assload of new Boeing 747's just as the crisis hit, with the smaller planes aging out and dying, left Pan-Am with a lot of unflyable planes and a shitload of debt!

Then there was the fact that Pan-Am only engaged in international flights and could not do domestic (i.e. New York City to Chicago or LA). Even worse, the U.S. government actively blocked Pan-Am in their attempts to get domestic flights on their schedule, fearing a monopoly. Pan-Am was finally able to get domestic flights when a deregulation agenda was imposed on the flight industry in 1978...but by that point, it was too late. Pan-Am's competition in the domestic market had become too stiff.

Pan-Am WAS able to buy out National Airlines in 1980...but that wound up being a bad move, too. As did a bunch of other buyouts, restructurings, and what-have-you. The biggest blow to Pan-Am and its reputation came in 1988, when the Lockerbie terrorist attack happened. Since that attack was in a Pan-Am plane... Even worse, it wasn't the only time a disaster that huge happened in Pan-Am planes, and the FAA even found Pan-Am at fault in the terror attack (inadequate security), opening them up to criminal charges and lawsuits!

Finally, Desert Storm happened, and the fallout from that was when Pan-Am knew it was finished. The company filed for bankruptcy in 1991 following a failed attempt to merge with Delta.

Pan-Am could arguably be a case study on how NOT to manage an airline. Too bad most people these days look back on the airline with rose-tinted glasses... -_-

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And now, today's burning question:

Jan. 22nd, 2019 | 05:10 pm
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Does this look like the kind of company you'd want to work for?

an E-mail I got today
Hi Alex,

At Staples, we believe it’s important to empower our employees and celebrate our differences. To assist with this, we developed a series of employee-led diversity and inclusion groups.

One of these groups is our Women Who Lead initiative. We recently sat down with group co-chair Bernie to learn more about how she’s developing female employees to succeed as business leaders. She shared her career advice for young women, discussed what it’s like to be a female leader, and explained how she balances it all.

Read the full interview to learn more about our inclusive and supportive culture.

The Staples Careers Team

It sure doesn't sound like the kind of company I want to work for!

Of course, the reason why I got that E-mail is because I HAD applied for jobs to Staples in the past. But this E-mail makes Staples look like it doesn't value its employees based solely on their merits and/or how good of a job they do. It makes them look like they only value superficial traits in employees.

To them, in my eyes, if you're a woman and you try to apply for a job with Staples, this E-mail makes them look like they will only value you just because you're a woman. To them, your actual ability to do the job is unimportant...all they care about is that you're a woman (or black, or Hispanic, or autistic, or whatever) so they can tick off some imagined "check box" on some list somewhere. To them, just having the thing is more important than having a usable one.

Another thing that really bothers me about this whole mess is how fixated they are on putting women only in very specific jobs. That's why early SJW's bitched and whined so much about so-called "STEM fields"...those jobs are "feminine", and they somehow want women to "close the wage gap" and be on par with men without having to do a man's work! But as far as I'm concerned, real women are car mechanics and construction workers. Real women work in warehouses, on farms, and in manufacturing. Real women hammer, weld, drill, saw, and drive tractors! 👷

But, back in her heyday, you never heard Anita Sarkeesian campaigning for THAT. Nor did I ever see any feminists supporting the women I worked with back when I worked at the Roanoke Times. Considering how many SJW's out there look like butch lesbians, I find it incredibly bizarre that they would pass up opportunities to prove their butch-ness! D:

If we are to truly Make America Great Again™, we, regardless of our political leanings and not necessarily with Donald Trump's help, need to reject it when companies like Staples engage in SJW horseshit! That's what put Donald Trump in the White House to begin with, and if liberals want him out, they have to be better than him. They have to remember what it means to stand up for the little guy again, just like they used to! 😒

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Remember When?: ValuJet and TWA 800

Jan. 16th, 2019 | 11:00 am
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I have never flown in an airplane before. I think I might have a fear of flying. I decided a long time ago that if I will ever live out my childhood dream of being on The Price is Right, I will drive to LA via U.S. 60. It's so sad that an "Asian fetishist" will probably never see Asia in his lifetime, isn't it? That an olive skin lover will never get to see the places olive skin comes from, such as Greece and Italy? But upon reading this entry, you'll very quickly understand (one reason) why!

ValuJet was founded in Georgia in 1992. As the name implies, it was intended to be a low-cost alternative to other airlines. You could fly to as much as 28 airports at the company's height with dirt cheap tickets! For example, a flight from Atlanta to Jacksonville, FL (why you'd WANT to fly such a short-ass distance, I don't know...) cost $39. Unfortunately, I don't know how deep of a discount that is and what the other major airlines were charging for a comparable ticket at the time, but it apparently was a steal!

Its hubs were Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International, Logan International (in Boston), Miami International, Orlando International, Philly International, and Dulles. I don't know if ValuJet flew to airports in my area (Roanoke Regional and Lynchburg), though. The company experienced insane growth in its first few months of doing business...it was already worth $21 million by mid-1994!

This all seemed great...until you learn exactly how ValuJet was able to offer those cheap-ass airfares to begin with! Among the more problematic cost-cutting measures: Pilots had to pay for their own training, while flight attendants got insufficient training. It outsourced upkeep and maintenance and treated the contractors like shit; among other things, they cut the pay of mechanics taking too long if a flight delay happened! By August 1995, concerns were growing...the Department of Defense refused to allow ValuJet to fly the U.S. military, citing safety concerns! The FAA wanted ValuJet grounded in February 1996.

They would get their wish three months later, when the ValuJet 592 crash happened!

The crash happened because a plane that was only rated to have a 20-year lifespan was still being used in its 27th year of existence, and there were improperly-stored materials aboard. The plane was also a known safety risk, having been involved in numerous botched takeoffs and emergency landings during the time it was with ValuJet. The flight itself was also delayed about an hour. The Alt Right might also argue that the pilot being a woman also made it a risk, but Candi Kubeck had proven herself to be a competent enough pilot in her time.

Basically, a tire exploded. And then, due to a failure of the flame retardancy system on board, the plane caught on fire and took out the electrical systems, ultimately resulting in the crash. There were no survivors. Even worse, the plane crashed in a wildlife management zone in the Florida Everglades, making the recovery and investigation more difficult than it should have been! Walter Hyatt died, as did Rodney Culver, a running back for the then-San Diego Chargers.

Needless to say, the FAA grounded ValuJet. They resumed business in September of 1996, but the damage was done. Struggling to get customers, they bought out AirTran Airways, then absorbed themselves into the company. AirTran was then bought out by Southwest in 2015. Since then, Southwest has not issued the number 592 to any flight.

What's even more tragic about this incident is that it wasn't isolated. It was just the TIP of the iceberg! Just two months after the ValuJet crash, the TWA 800 disaster happened, in which not long after the plane departed New York City en route to Paris, then Rome, a fuel tank explosion destroyed the plane and killed all 230 people onboard, then the third deadliest aviation disaster in U.S. history!

This incident severely crippled the already beleaguered TWA, which went bankrupt in 2001. These two crashes also caused the aviation industry to go into a freefall in the U.S. that got even worse after 9-11...and that the industry still hasn't fully recovered from! The ValuJet 592 and TWA 800 disasters helped to make 1996 the deadliest year in American flight history at the time, made even worse by the fact that 1993 was the SAFEST year on record. These two disasters shook America's confidence in its flight system and exposed just how broken it was at the time (you can read the full list of bullshit here).

And for me, it made what could be a five-week trip to LA (since I'm traveling down U.S. 60, there's no way in fuck I'd want to miss stops at fucking Louisville, St. Louis, Albuquerque, and Phoenix, after all! :D) preferable to a 4-hour one. The sad truth is, a car is far safer than a plane. -_-;

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Remember When?: Abercrombie and Fitch's "growing pains"

Jan. 9th, 2019 | 11:00 am
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As a liberal, I generally DETEST the phrase "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". (Also, as you can see on this very journal, those who DO adhere to the phrase are often fucking leeches on fandoms who do insane loads of damage!) But sometimes, change IS bad, and Abercrombie and Fitch might be a case in point!

Let's all bitch at the Fitch!Collapse )

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Remember When?: The 1990's "Science Wars"

Jan. 2nd, 2019 | 11:00 am
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In the 1990's, the FCC began a serious crackdown on Saturday morning TV with the Children's Television Act of 1990, which mandated that all TV networks had to broadcast a specific amount of material that would be considered educational to children 16 and under. This act wound up all but killing Saturday morning TV through the 2000's, but for a time in the 1990's, it looked like the concept of entertaining TV could still be had even with the new restrictions, and Bill Nye the Science Guy and Beakman's World were cases in point!

SCIENCE.Collapse )

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Cheerleading Practice now dances SOLELY on Linux!

Jan. 1st, 2019 | 02:20 pm
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I yanked Windows off my lappy.

Because I got a smartphone for Christmas, my last need for Windows (the Fitbit app) is gone, so Windows is now gone with it.

Bye, Feliciasoft! 🖕😂🖕


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Remember When?: Chris Benoit

Dec. 26th, 2018 | 11:00 am
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The pro wrestler who killed wrestling. And his wife and kid. And himself.

More savage than Macho Man Randy!Collapse )

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Yet another reason why you should hate CBS News.

Dec. 19th, 2018 | 06:15 pm
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Yes, this is an actual real news article made by them. Or one REALLY fucked-up trolling attempt! Either way...

And Walter Cronkite and Edward R. Murrow flip in their graves even more! As does Dan Rather. Even though he's still alive! D:

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