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And now, today's burning question:

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Oct. 13th, 2018 | 06:29 pm
Dancing at: my house
Dancing mood: blahblah
Dancing to: Chandelier, by Sia

(...other than "How many burning questions have I had since I started this journal, and why have I never thought to make a "series: burning questions" tag!?! D:")


^^^^^Why the fuck does BMW insist on using the term "gran turismo" for its GT models? Why can't they just call it a "grand tourer" like Wikipedia does, or just use the initials, as Ford does with its higher-end V8 'Stang?

As it stands, BMW comes off as a bunch of weeaboos, as well as a bunch of posers trying desperately to be "hip" and "cool"! Fucking stop that! ^^;

(And on a related side note, what the fuck is a "gran coupe"? D:)

Also, I can't speak Italian worth a shit, so if you have a better translation for the pic text, let me know. In particular, I think I got "prepare, protect, defend" wrong, translating those words as infinitive verbs ("TO prepare, TO protect, TO defend") rather than commands! ^^;

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