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Oh hay, another burning question!

Mar. 2nd, 2019 | 07:54 pm
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Are eating disorder rehab clinics playing a role in America's obesity crisis? D:

I've noticed a somewhat disturbing trend lately:


^^^^^These two pictures above give me the impression that ED rehab facilities are total bullshit, and little more than brainwashing cults for the fat acceptance movement.

...Which I'm sure is not what they WANT me to think of them, considering that about 4% of Americans legitimately do have an eating disorder that would require their services to fix, such as anorexia or bulimia. Therefore, if they're legit, they should probably change their approach!

You don't cure someone of their extreme eating habits, especially people who I imagine are very vulnerable and impressionable, by training them to gravitate towards another extreme! -_-;

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And now, today's burning question:

Feb. 26th, 2019 | 06:21 pm
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While walking a greenway today, I found this:

Quick, who created Smith Mountain Lake?
^^^^^These motherfuckers.


When you go to the Smith Mountain Dam, on the very small sliver of lake that's in Pittsylvania County, what do you find? A HYDROELECTRIC POWER PLANT THAT DOES NOT BURN COAL!!!

So, is the driver of this car a fucking idiot? I'd say YES!

Is coal a problematic energy source, and should he feel problematic for supporting it? FUCK YES!

I rest my case.

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Appalachian Power: Greedy, incompentent, slow-ass pigs.

Feb. 22nd, 2019 | 01:00 pm
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At 6:10 P.M. on February 20, 2019, I lost my electricity, presumably due to trees crashing on powerlines from the freezing rain that happened then. It finally came back on at about 1:15 P.M. on February 22nd! This is the fourth time in about as many months that I've lost my electricity!

What the fuck took these motherfucking assholes so goddamn long to fix everything, and why aren't they doing much to try and keep it from happening again!?! In any other industry, this level of shoddy workmanship gets you sued or prosecuted, but with AEP, it's just yet another sign that everything is functioning as intended.

And then, the National Weather Service slammed pretty much every county in my area except the easternmost ones (Pittsylvania, Halifax, Charlotte, etc.) with a high wind warning until February 25th at noon...despite the fact that the winds "only" gusted to 50 miles per hour here in Franklin County (and said easternmost ones got a wind advisory despite winds gusting to only 40 mph; it was eventually cancelled)! Basically, they were telling people that their power was going to go out AGAIN, so soon after this latest outage, this time due to a combination of high winds plus the heavy rain making the ground softer and making trees easier to topple...

As of 5:15 P.M. on February 24th, there were over 72,000 houses out in nearly 1,300 spots, even worse than what happened with the ice storm (25,000 in 800) and one of the worst power outages we've had in a while. Only the Derecho of 2012 was worse than this, I think! My home of "the Franklins" alone had almost 10,000 in 38 instances as of 5:45 P.M. that day, including a very BAD set of outages along Smith Mountain Lake, extending into Rocky Mount! And while the number of outages went down over the night, the number of cases continues to climb, to nearly 1,600!

Amazingly, I DIDN'T lose my power this time around. But everyone else around me sure did! That's going to be pretty hard for some residents to take, and I imagine that it will have implications well beyond both events.

Since about May of 2018, we've been experiencing some WILD-ass weather lately. At that point, we began to pretty much turn into Mississippi as summer came early and held on very stubbornly. And it began raining like a motherfucker. My area was slammed with constant, CONSTANT flash flood watches and warnings from shit-tons of heavy, heavy rain from SLOW-moving, strong thunderstorms. Dams in Lynchburg and Galax almost failed!

Fall didn't truly come to my area until after Hurricane Michael swept through it! Now, since late October, we've not only continued to experience constant flooding rains (and FREEZING rain, with only one honest-to-God SNOWSTORM that gave my house just over a foot of snow!), but repeated high wind events as well. Constant flooding and repeated power outages creates the illusion that this section of the world is unsafe, and I feel that it will lead to a mass exodus.

People are eventually going to get sick and tired of repeated floods and power outages, and move out, and my fear is that enough people will move out that it will hurt the economy here...and that the replacements will be far inferior, hurting us even more! This has already been happening for about the past 25 years in the "Coalfields", and that section of Virginia has become a redneck shithole where meth is now the main export!

Also, Roanoke, which had been a ghetto and redneck shithole for decades, is now becoming an SJW shithole thanks to a med school near Roanoke Memorial Hospital that's run by Virginia Tech and has since attracted a Starbucks, brewery, amphitheater, and pretentious-ass looking apartments to what was once a factory area...and I don't think it's a coincidence that all these companies were founded AFTER the derecho! There's also been an uptick in New Jersey Italian-types engaging in stereotypical "guido" behavior with me, and I bet they came here to escape bullshit in THEIR area, too (Snowmageddon, Hurricane Sandy, last year's shit-ton o' nor'easters...)!

Another fear I have is that Roanoke will become a more stereotypical liberal shithole like San Francisco, where people actually shit in the streets! D:

Meanwhile, in Salem, Radford, Martinsville, and Danville, you almost NEVER hear of bullshit like this, owing to the fact that the cities manage their electricity instead of "Apco"! The benefits of this are blindingly obvious: power outages are fixed WAY faster (partially owing to a smaller coverage area), and since their electricity is funded by your tax dollars rather than monthly bills to a private company, that's a better guard against corruption! By contrast, Appalachian Power became infamous between 2007 and 2012 for a shit-ton of rate hikes that I don't think corresponded to inflation or any sort of need...but DID correspond to the CEO's making record profits! This helped to kill jobs in my area, which attracted politicians hungry for some blood!

Seriously, I'm so sick of these motherfuckers. They are pretty much THE definition of fucktards in my life, and this entry is pretty much THE definition of Anti-Fucktard Action, even though it has nothing to do with politics! The other cities in my area need to follow Salem's lead, and AEP needs to go bankrupt soon!


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And now, today's burning question:

Feb. 17th, 2019 | 07:35 pm
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^^^^^Why the fuck does this goddamn assclown suck Google's cock so damn much?

Seriously, 5.5 GIGABYTES!?! He could have avoided all the shit he complains about if he had just used another company's services!

For example, why the fuck does he need to use Google Calendar for anything? Why couldn't he have just gone to the store and gotten an actual, physical calendar?

Also, as a guy who is just barely old enough to remember seeing actual, original 5.25-inch floppy disks, I think anyone who uses any cloud computing service is a fucking idiot. So my opinion of the fact that Dylan Curran was unironically using Google Drive to store his personal data shouldn't need any explanation. Get a fucking flash drive! Or an external hard drive! Or even blank CD's and DVD's (yes, I think they still make those!).

And as a Fitbit user, I really don't understand why this guy needed to use Google Fit for anything. xD

And finally, Google isn't the only search engine out there. Yahoo and Bing are still kicking. Even Altavista is still alive, amazingly!

His rant on Windows 10's tracking is invalidated by the fact that HE CAN TURN IT ALL OFF (although some users have complained of Windows Updates turning some of the tracking back on, but there's a fix for that, too!).

So, what's his fucking problem? D:

(I wanted to make an Anti-Fucktard Action poster for this entry, but that would've been WAY too much work! =_=;)

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Blowing out 31 candles today...

Feb. 6th, 2019 | 04:04 pm
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^^^^^The guy in that picture. ^^

I hope you can read all that text on top of my face, because I REALLY don't want to have to redo this! ._.

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And now, let's gawk at some fucking idiots!

Jan. 31st, 2019 | 11:28 pm
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SPOILER ALERT: It ain't gonna be pretty.Collapse )

Remember, kids: At St. Clair Publications, real women do men's jobs, ideally when they want to, but sometimes when they have to! Yeah, it's great that you can cook and clean for me, but can you change my car's oil? The "slogan" of SP used to be "great games, cool comics, Democrats only" back in the Dubya days (it was changed five months into this journal's existence), and despite all the shits I've taken on Democrats recently, "trad-cons" are proof as to why I'm still "Democrats only"! You don't ever fight one extreme with the other, damn it! -_-;

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Remember When?: The EV-1

Jan. 30th, 2019 | 11:00 am
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1997 and 1999

Well, here we are, fans! We've come down to the final entry in the "Remember When?" series! At least for now...I might bring this series back for my 35th birthday! But with my 31st coming up in a week, it makes no sense for me to keep doing it now. So, what's our final look back going to be about?

This thing. The only car that GM has ever released under its own name, GM designed this to be the next big thing in cars, and a horrible thing happened: They succeeded.

People wanted this car like a motherfucker! It was MASSIVELY popular, and would've probably given GM a shit-ton of profits had it been given half a chance! The problem, though, is that GM wanted the car to fail, and actively wound up doing its damndest to ensure that!

Fearing that sales of this car would cut into the profits of their Goodwrench spare parts industry (and possibly their SUV sales...), GM offered the car only through special leasing agreements with very specific customers, mostly in LA, Phoenix, and Tucson, three cities suffering from the most pollution at the time. Only certain Saturn dealers could service the car. The initial models cost about $34,000, on par with a Chevy Tahoe or Suburban of the era. GM ultimately tried to reposess and crush the cars in 2002. Even worse, what GM didn't destroy, they disabled, so if you find an EV-1 somewhere, you can't drive it.

The way GM handled this car is believed to be one reason why the company almost died in 2009. Some people also believe the EV-1's death was a conspiracy by the oil industry. Either way, the botching of this car is even more embarrassing for GM when you realize that also in 1997, Toyota introduced the Prius, a hybrid that has gone on to become one of Toyota's most successful models! Those wacky Japanese; what will they steal from us think up next? D:

(There was ONE thing legitimately wrong with this car: its use of lead acid batteries instead of the lithium ion batteries seen in current EV's. This made the car heavier and a bit more unsafe, 'cuz lead poisoning's a bitch. But you didn't hear GM complain about THAT! ¬_¬ The 1999 model used nickel metal hydride batteries instead.)

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Remember When?: Me 10 years ago

Jan. 29th, 2019 | 05:15 pm
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So, just now, I got an E-mail from LiveJournal claiming that they were taking part in some "#10yearschallenge" hashtag (in anticipation of their own 20th anniversary? D:), and as part of the festivities, they decided to dredge this entry up from the grave!

That entry is so fucking hilarious from a current standpoint! ^^

It mentions "butthurt Republicans plotting their revenge" for losing the 2008 Presidential election. Oh, how I WISH Donald Trump was the result of said revenge plot instead of, you know, adult toddler shitstain liberals practically handing the Republicans the election on a silver platter! Maybe Hillary should've had us Super Mario Running to the polls instead! xD

It also says "And if Barack Obama fucks up and becomes the next George W. Bush, or if he ends up being worse, you're going to be very depressed, given all this hype!" Well, guess what Obama did. Else, I wouldn't even be writing this!

The entry finally concluded with this gem:
That being said, I do wish nothing but the best for Obama, and I hope he can at least restore us to what we were when Bill Clinton left back in 2001. That would make me happy. ^^

That's what Donald Trump has been doing so far! Actually, Trump might be doing better, since he's helping to defuse the ticking time bomb of North Korea! As a guy who fed his young mind on several books by Al Franken and who wouldn't touch "Fucks News" with a 25-foot pole, I find it incredibly bizarre that I now have to turn to conservative Republicans to find people who actually understand my wants and needs! D:

So be careful... ¬_¬

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Well, THIS just happened...

Jan. 25th, 2019 | 09:32 am
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As far as I'm concerned, the sole two reasons Luisa Cutting (ironic last name, huh? xD) stabbed someone are:
  • she's Hispanic, a group infamous for angering easily and being ridiculously loud and obnoxious in general. Although, to my eyes, she initially looked like she was Italian...doesn't matter; THEY'RE stereotyped the same way, too!
  • because of Today's Political Climate™, she thought she could get away with it, because she is a saintly, holy, exalted woman and minority who can do absolutely no wrong whatsoever, and if you think otherwise, you're a racist, sexist, misogynist pig, amen!

The fact that she was president of a "Latino Student Alliance" only bolsters this theory. While such alliances may have had a legitimate purpose in the past, I feel that the sole purpose of groups like these today is to brainwash people into SJW propaganda. Such propaganda involves doing what I like to call "reverting back to your identity" and engaging in behaviors that tend to perpetrate negative ethnic stereotypes. This is why Kanye West has been called an "Uncle Tom" in recent times (by people who I don't think have even READ Uncle Tom's Cabin!) and why plus-size models who lose weight face a shit-ton of bullying and threats from the people who they thought were their fans...fat "acceptance"/body "positivity", my ass! -_-;

Further bolstering of my theory can be found by WSLS's emphasis that the killing sent "shockwaves" throughout Radford and that another Radford University student, Paul Toomui, claimed "She was normal. She was social. She would always talk and be willing to talk to people.", all evidence that Cutting has been radicalized on college propaganda.

Finally, Cutting is from Jeffersonton, which is only a short drive away from Culpeper, which, back in my school days, we called "that place with the prison"...I HOPE this doesn't imply that she's had a bigger criminal history than what's known, but...

If Luisa starts rejecting her last name and insisting on a more Spanish one (such as "La Corta" or "Cortante", which Google Translate tells me are various Spanish words for "cutting"...), you'll know I'm right! D:

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Remember When?: Pan-Am

Jan. 23rd, 2019 | 11:00 am
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Since I decided last entry to take a massive shit on the aviation industry, might as well talk about its biggest failure, huh?

The biggest tragedy of Pan-Am is that, unlike most of the other dead businesses I've chronicled in this series, its failure doesn't appear to be any fault of its own. Oh, don't get me wrong; the company's upper management DID make quite a few missteps along the way, but the number one thing that seems to have brought Pan-Am down is sheer bad luck!

The first thing that brought Pan-Am down was the oil crisis of the 1970's. The trend for Pan-Am at that time was bigger and bigger planes...but the oil crisis meant the airlines had to go SMALL or go home! Having purchased an assload of new Boeing 747's just as the crisis hit, with the smaller planes aging out and dying, left Pan-Am with a lot of unflyable planes and a shitload of debt!

Then there was the fact that Pan-Am only engaged in international flights and could not do domestic (i.e. New York City to Chicago or LA). Even worse, the U.S. government actively blocked Pan-Am in their attempts to get domestic flights on their schedule, fearing a monopoly. Pan-Am was finally able to get domestic flights when a deregulation agenda was imposed on the flight industry in 1978...but by that point, it was too late. Pan-Am's competition in the domestic market had become too stiff.

Pan-Am WAS able to buy out National Airlines in 1980...but that wound up being a bad move, too. As did a bunch of other buyouts, restructurings, and what-have-you. The biggest blow to Pan-Am and its reputation came in 1988, when the Lockerbie terrorist attack happened. Since that attack was in a Pan-Am plane... Even worse, it wasn't the only time a disaster that huge happened in Pan-Am planes, and the FAA even found Pan-Am at fault in the terror attack (inadequate security), opening them up to criminal charges and lawsuits!

Finally, Desert Storm happened, and the fallout from that was when Pan-Am knew it was finished. The company filed for bankruptcy in 1991 following a failed attempt to merge with Delta.

Pan-Am could arguably be a case study on how NOT to manage an airline. Too bad most people these days look back on the airline with rose-tinted glasses... -_-

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