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Keith Humphry and Jean Jadhon can suck a dick, too!

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Dec. 10th, 2010 | 08:38 pm
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Gah...it's always something!!!

If it's not CBS pre-empting classic game shows with pointless shit that can wait until 6:30 P.M., it's my CBS affiliate, WDBJ-7 (Roanoke, VA) pre-empting them, with equally pointless stuff that can wait even LESS time!!!

Case in point: some 12-year-old shit named Brittany Smith, who was probably asking for it (I think I heard one story about her that spoke of a Facebook page with "sexy" pictures of her that she took herself), got abducted from her home in the Glenvar section of Roanoke County. I have since been SWAMPED with more stories on her than you'd think a local news station would be capable of running, not just on WDBJ, but on WSLS-10 (NBC), WSET-13 (ABC), and even The Roanoke Times, as well as a bunch of billboards and Amber Alerts. All of this appears to be happening with the purpose of feeding into our current "witch hunt" attitude towards pedophilia and giving more ammo to the insanely fucktarded Perverted Justice.com, all while encouraging the General Assembly and U.S. Congress to pass insanely fucktarded and draconian "feel-good" laws that do nothing but create filthy cops who think they can do whatever they want making innocent people register on ass-backwards sex registries that do nothing but humiliate people and run counter to the traditional moral value of "forgiveness", all while sucking up taxpayer dollars and doing absolutely nothing about the actual situation.

One of those stories pre-empted The Price is Right yesterday. WDBJ-7 claimed that WPEC-12 (a CBS station in west Palm Beach, FL) found her kidnapper in a bathroom in a Shell in the Palm Beach area (that looked a lot like one of our Stop-In Food Stores here; maybe Stop-In is a national franchise?). Turns out that that guy was someone completely unrelated. And again today, I had to put up with Wheel of Fortune being pre-empted to say that they found both Brittany and her kidnapper alive in San Francisco. Presumably San Francisco, CA. The gay capital of the United States.

And now WDBJ-7's pre-empting Medium for a press conference!!!

As far as I'm concerned, just like with the terrorist plot mentioned in my journal "Katie Couric can suck a dick", all this news can wait until the designated news times. There are no tornado warnings, no blizzards, no actively-occurring school shootings, hostage crises, or terrorist attacks, and Yellowstone National Park isn't going off like a nuke nor are there any ongoing nuclear bomb attacks. Therefore, there is no need to pre-empt TV shows that are well-loved and have incredibly strong fanbases that will get insanely pissed off when they can't watch.

So Katie Couric, Keith Humphry, and Jean Jadhon need to leave TPIR, WOF, Jeopardy!, and Let's Make a Deal alone!!! (And Brian Williams, Karen McNew, Jay Warren, George Stephanopoulos...yeah, you get the idea.)

And before you people go flaming me about how much of an insensitive douche bag I must be because I spoke out against news coverage of a precious little 12-year-old getting abducted and against Amber Alerts (which were scientifically proven in 2008 to not work), consider this: what if Brittany Smith were black or Latino? Would I STILL have to put up with all this news coverage???

I leave that as your final thought.

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